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Email notifications for Debian bugs


w3m is a web browserpager#0 going back to the last millennium. The original upstream is gone since a long time ago. The current 'official' version is maintained by the Debian maintainer Tatsuya 'tats' Kinoshita at GitHub. Starting about 18 month ago, I spend quite some time working with the code to help to keep the project alive.

I keep an eye on the GitHub Issues and the Debian Bug Tracker to see if new bugs are reported. While it was quite easy to get notifications for newly created GitHub issues. I had a hard time figuring out how to get an email notification when a new bug on Debian's bug tracking system is created.

Today I had some time and took another approach. I found a Debian IRC channel #debian-bugs which is dedicated to the fixing-bugs topic. After stating my problem and desire it took not long to get a response. The trick is not to look for how to get notified about bugs. The correct term that will lead in the correct direction is to track a package. There is and the documentation is quite clear,

With the mailbot
To subscribe to a package through email, you will have to send an email to control@ distro-tracker-domain containing the command subscribe package-name either in the subject or in the body of the mail. This will subscribe the email address that you used to send the message. You can ask for the subscription of another email address by using the command subscribe package-name email.

where distro-tracker-domain is


To get email notifications for newly created bugs for w3m:

mail -s "subscribe w3m"

Now let's wait till some one creates a bug and hope I did not tell total BS up there. :)

Last modified: 2022-12-28T15:03:07Z